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End of term 2

This post is a jumbled word vomit. My brain has been processing too many things too rapidly for the last few days and I have cognitive fatigue and a nasty headache. I’m hoping if I unload it all I may feel better. I logged into Facebook having just cut out a pattern for 2 super … Continue reading

The 5 month mark

Today marks 5 months since we registered for homeschooling… 5 long months. I keep a lot of my feeling inside, sharing them is not always helpful and as I watch my stress levels lower and my┬ádepression lift I’m enjoying the flickering moments of normality that turn into days of bliss. The girls swim a lot, … Continue reading

The little things

We are well in the thick of school holidays here. Christmas has been and gone, our eldest graduated primary school and we spent the weekend geocaching and catching tadpoles in creeks before jumping in the pool at home to cool off. The girls are liking their holidays and it’s been nice to see them relaxed. … Continue reading